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 good news - blizz takes action against scammers

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good news - blizz takes action against scammers Empty
PostSubject: good news - blizz takes action against scammers   good news - blizz takes action against scammers EmptyWed Nov 14, 2007 4:46 pm

following is from official forum
Update to Scam Policy
Quote :
World of Warcraft is intended to be a fun and safe environment for our players to enjoy themselves, and being scammed can potentially negate hours of hard work that has gone into a character. Scamming is viewed as an anti-social action, and is not something which is within the spirit of the game - while item and gold security does ultimately fall down to the responsibility of the player, we wish to make it clear that attempts to purposefully spoil otherís fun in this way will not go unpunished.

As a direct result of player feedback, we are introducing some changes to our scam policy. These changes will take effect with the introduction of patch 2.3, and you can find them at:


Below is a brief summary of the main changes to the policy:

Harsher punishment of scammers
Previously we have only sought to take action against players who were persistently scamming others. With the changes in our scam policy, players who choose to scam others out of items and gold can face action against their account, even for a first offense! As with any other policy violation, repeated offenses of the same nature will lead to harsher consequences for the offending account.

Investigations into item and gold loss
While previously we did not investigate or reimburse any item or gold loss incurred as a result of an in-game scam, we will now investigate fully all losses, and if we are able to verify your particular case, we will try to assist with the return of any lost items or gold. Please note that due to the large amount of variables involved in verifying in-game scams, reimbursement of items and gold is not guaranteed. Please be aware that while we will try to assist players whenever possible, each case is viewed on an individual basis - if it is deemed that a player is being overly careless with the security of their items and gold, then we may review our decision to assist with such cases for that playerís account.

good news - blizz takes action against scammers Feliz10
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good news - blizz takes action against scammers
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