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 passionate wow-lover

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PostSubject: passionate wow-lover   passionate wow-lover EmptyThu Aug 16, 2007 10:03 am

saw this interview vid linked on arathor.net. first few minutes is about that guy's band/music and then it gets interesting....

"im not fucking playing wow is fucking life to me"
"i dont play no fucking homo alliance. i don't play no fucking nightelves or gnomes... fucking orcs and the undeads. FUCK THE ALLIANCE, FUCKING DIE YOU EMO COCKSUCKERS!"
"it's only a game"

very passionate... he sure has issues with nightelves and gnomes...and paladins...

(it's Q-time-vid btw, crashed my browser few times... -- and you need ofc Q-time player for it...)
here's youtube-link, the talk about music/band cut off, goes straight to the WoW-part ^^
Cannibal Corpse Interview: Corpsegrinder likes WoW

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passionate wow-lover
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